Winner of the Book Expo America 2009 Best New Book Award   

"The interweaving of Marvin Tolkin's life story—a true success storywith folksy wisdom, practical advice, and incisive commentary is a powerful combination. Every baby boomer—and their children—should read this book... Within these pages you'll find a toolkit of ideas that enables the construction of a foundation strong enough to support even the longest and most active of retirements." From the Foreword by Dr. Robert N. Butler, Pulitzer-prize winning author and President and CEO, International Longevity Center

"This is an inspiring and practical financial memoir. It is wonderful that Marvin Tolkin, with his decades of experience, is willing to share the truth about both money and aging from a personal point of view. Marvin counsels us to have a mentor, but many of us have no one that fills the bill. Now, we do—a mentor that propels us to a lifetime of fulfillment and relevance, both monetary and spiritual." Adriane Berg, author of "How Not to Go Broke at 102: Achieving Everlasting Wealth"

"Marvin Tolkin doesn't preach to you about how to prepare for retirement, he tells you stories that are rich in wisdom—stories that are all the more compelling because they tell of his failures as well as his successes." —David B. Wolfe, author of "Ageless Marketing"

"At a time when the world of business and the idealistic nonprofit world seem to be at odds, it is refreshing, and inspiring, to read the story of one whose life transcends any such dualism. Marvin Tolkin's well-told story is a stirring answer to the Talmudic question, 'If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?'" Rick Moody, AARP Director of Academic Affairs

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